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The Secret of Success

VIRTUAL ELECTRONICS PTY LTD was established in 2020 under this business name as a proprietary limited Australian company with its main office in Adelaide, South Australia. The company is a vehicle to develop the “Collaboration Service Platform South Australia-Singapore” (CSPsas) ICT project. The VEnterface business network platform was created as a working prototype of the CSPsas project.

VEnterface intelligent platform aims to provide Australian innovative entrepreneurs with digital entry to the Singaporean market and vice versa. An efficient and transparent CSPsas ecosystem increases the awareness of Australian novel market offerings and solutions for prospective Singaporean partners and helps Australian entrepreneurs to reach the Singaporean market through an optimal expansion path. VEnterface platform is a  private professional community that helps build competitive advantages for entrepreneurs in both countries.

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Working Process

How IT Works

Collaboration For Success

Collaboration for success

Join the VEnterface professional online community. Discover perfect prospective partners. Form groups and alliances. Discuss terms of collaboration. Communicate with community members. Create novel products, services and solutions. Accelerate your growth

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power

Become competent in market entry modes and strategies. Learn more about different collaboration types. Discover how properly selected market entry and collaboration modes leverage the value of your products and services. Find out which potential collaborators can add value to your market offerings. - Share your knowledge for mutual benefit

Technology Is The Key

Technology is a key

Create your profile and showcase your skills in the Members Directory. Create listings of your products, services and businesses in the Business Directory. Search with the Knowledge Base intelligent filtering. Work with the Virtual Assistant to master the technological features of the platform. Become the Leading Partner of your group.

Key benefits

VEnterface leverages a sophisticated technology providing you with a unique set of tools for self-services available from a single access point to add value in your market offerings through:

  • Facilitating an easy entry into the international market
  • Supporting fruitful collaboration on the platform
  • Developing new digitally-enabled combinations of products and services
  • Enhancing the cross border trade ability of newly created market offerings

Key capabilities

The VEnterface concept is in the inclusion of the three dimensions that incite the way for international collaboration and creativity:

  • Platform management to submit, elicit, and share information
  • Knowledge management for effective learning and decision making
  • Community management to collaborate efficiently on the platform
  • Integrating features to invite prospective collaborators, including other platforms, services providers, and agencies within VEnterface

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Our Partners

The unique business model combined with innovative technology underlying the platform makes VEnterface a one-stop South Australia-Singapore ICT market entry platform.


Innovation Wave PTY LTD Australia

One Percent PTE LTD Singapore

Virtual Electronics PTE LTD Singapore