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Alex Monin January 15, 2020 0 Comments

The Rub n’ Roll project follows the main world trends in customers’ behaviour include:

  • Increased awareness for preventive healthcare as a reasonable alternative to the treatment of diseases.
  • A growing interest in non-medical home-based wellness therapies and appropriate products for hair, skin, and body care.
  • Focusing on self-directed behaviour concerning own health employing methods of complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Rising of the internet as a source of information, online products, services, and advises.

Rub n’ Roll: The Series of Skin, Scalp, and Muscle Stimulating and Oiling Massagers

  • Patented device
  • Evidence-based Knowledge Centre
  • Intelligent Chat Bot
  • 24/7/365 Data-driven Support and Advice.

Rub n’ Roll employs HealthWave self-massage therapy with multidirectional beneficial effects, including:

  • Improving conditions of skin and scalp.
  • Increasing joint flexibility and reducing spasms.
  • Lessening migraine pain, depression and anxiety.
  • Enhancing immunity and general health.

Rub n’ Roll & HealthWave techniques are based on scientific findings in Japan and Hong Kong that demonstrate the effects of massage on a cellular level, as well as the recent tests in the USA. Integrating worldwide R&D finding, and results of own extensive research, the Innovation Wave team created the simple and efficient Rub n’ Roll device and HealthWave method of its use:

  • To easily transfer small amounts of oils through the human skin, while at the same time massaging the problem zones.
  • To provide effective spa-quality self-massage without special training at home or office, during travelling, even in a tub or shower.
  • To use commercially available roll-on bottles and any types of oils.

The digitally-enabled HealthWave system of services for Rub n’ Roll includes:

  • The Knowledge Centre in which customers learn how to apply Rub n’ Roll effectively.
  • The intelligent Chabot that provides customers with guided performance.
  • The data-driven Recommender Algorithm that help customers to make effective purchase decisions.

The Innovation Wave creative solutions are protected with the trademark, patent, and know-how to be shared with partners/investors and customers in Singapore.