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  • The impact of COVID-19 on Australia-Singapore business connections

VEnterface is aiming to help businesses in South Australia and Singapore resist the pressure of the Covid-19 crisis by creating digital partnership opportunities for local entrepreneurs. With Covid-19 having impacted living worldwide impairing the already existing global issues and forcing countless businesses to retreat from globalisation or shut down, there is an urgency to prevent the destabilisation of the world economy. Virtual electronics PTE LTD introduces the VEnterface platform as a way to resist the pressure of the Covid-19 crisis through digital collaboration.

The VEnterface digital collaboration platform is meant to help overcome the challenges brought by Covid-19 by investing in peoples’ future. Efforts put in facilitating digital partnerships between South Australia and Singapore will result in supporting both countries’ economies allowing businesses to continue operating and keep their employees during the Covid-19 crisis to then emerge even stronger.

Numerous restrictions that Covid-19 has brought force entrepreneurs to embrace digitalisation. Companies striving to overcome the Covid-19 crisis have to find a safe way to access new markets and intensify their overseas exposure and going digital is a very promising one.

As a digital collaboration platform, VEnterface provides a completely safe way for local entrepreneurs to go beyond local market constraints and grow their global presence during the Covid-19 crisis. The sophisticated technology underlying VEnterface is designed to smooth the way for industry partnerships between South Australia and Singapore.

With the VEnterface collaboration platform, Australian and Singaporean entrepreneurs will always gain fresh perspectives and networks in a secure digital space. Being an easy to use technology, the intelligent Virtual Assistant will help customers apply digitalisation seamlessly irrespective of their age.

Singapore looks forward to signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) comprising the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. Inciting the results of six-year negotiations, the deal is going to be the world’s largest trade agreement.

Efforts to attract the best talent along with advanced ideas will foster creation of a secure and enticing harbour for creativity, talent, and innovation. Such an environment will favour the emergence of new businesses as well as better job opportunities in the ICT sector of both Australia and Singapore.