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Alex Monin February 11, 2020 0 Comments

When looking at an online community you need to consider to what extent the goals of this platform correspond to the goals of your business. The goals that you may look to achieve with this online community could include one, some, or all of the listed below:

  • Learn something about new opportunities you didn’t already know (the quicker the better, because you have no time for long-term education).
  • Find peers and communicate with them, sharing your knowledge (presumably, in some mutually beneficial form).
  • Helping each other, convert newly obtained knowledge into new products/services or method of its promotion or distribution (feeling hopeful that each member of the community brings something useful there).

You can see the VEnterface Community’s goal as a simple but powerful formula:

Technology + Collaboration = Innovative Products/Services

To enhance the process of mastering the VEnterface platform by newcomers, there are three levels of goal setting and achievement. Venter, the platform’s virtual assistant helps you to set your goals easily. The whole process looks like a knowledge pyramid building in which you can reach three levels of learning, collaboration, and creative work. It is important to find your level.

The first level of the knowledge pyramid is a data-driven learning process that uses in-built algorithm-generated rules. This level focuses on increasing awareness and gaining knowledge from informational content created by the platform’s developers. An intelligent filtering model with a Decision Support Algorithm (DSA) was designed for the VEnterface platform to position your product/service in the international market, identify potential opportunities, market entries, and collaboration modes.

The second level of the knowledge pyramid comprises knowledge of the first level and makes the next step. It facilitates the formation of task force groups working together to produce a collective output. This includes project teams, committees, task forces, customer account teams, product groups, and service-line groups. The second level focuses on build new connections, and gaining new knowledge generated by members. This new knowledge may include producing and distributing methods, technology, best practices, and how-how that members bring in the platform.

The third level of the knowledge pyramid based on knowledge of the first and second levels, and helps members to increase connectivity within and among professional groups to improve information flow and enhance collaboration in a creative way. It is a moment for members to change their perspectives or practices, and start to think and act in a new way. The outcome of this level might be applied to new or existing products/ services, technologies, processes or business models.

The prospective directions of this level include:

  • Advanced technology products.
  • Digital-infrastructure goods.
  • Digitized products.
  • Combinations of physical and digital components.
  • ICT enabled product innovations.
  • ICT enabled process innovation.
  • ICT enabled marketing innovation.
  • ICT enabled organizational innovation.