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Alex Monin January 29, 2020 0 Comments

VEnter was born in 2019 in the Virtual Electronics lab. He is a new generation virtual assistant, well-educated both in predetermined intents and AI.

VEnter’s Vision & Mission Statement

VEnter’s vision is to become the benchmark virtual assistant providing both Australian and Singaporean partners with information support leveraging the technology.

The VEnter’s mission is to facilitate a mutually beneficial collaboration for South Australian and Singaporean businesses.

VEnter’s Goals and Objectives

VEnter’s goal is to help South Australian and Singaporean businesses to achieve success in the field of ICT-enabled products and services employing the technology.

The main VEnter’s objectives include:

  • Provide South Australia and Singapore entrepreneurs with a natural language interface to guide them through the process of entering into the international market.
  • Share knowledge with the VEnterface community members.
  • Give the needed information to the customers in the form of communication.
  • Obtain training of his algorithms to provide customers with better services.

VEnter will be integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence through DialogFlow V2 to carry on a conversation flow and fulfil any reasonable request. This option allows building customised intents and responses directly in DialogFlow and trains VEnter accordingly by machine learning.